Point of Success Main Menu (Order Entry)

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Point of Success Main Menu (Order Entry)

Point of Success Order Entry Main Screen


New Order - Press this button to access the Order Entry screen immediately. This is used for walk-in or dine-in customers for whom demographic information does not necessarily need to be gathered. The default service type for this kind of order is Dine In.


Driver Dispatch - Displays the Driver Dispatch list window. Orders are listed there along with available drivers awaiting assignment.


Phone Order - Pressing this button leads to the Select Customer screen to key in a customer's phone number for look-up. The default service type for this kind of order is Delivery.


View Tickets - This button brings the user to the list of open tickets. All open items are easily accessed and edited from that screen.


Last Order: - Displays the last order just taken. If something needs to be added or removed or needs to be adjusted, this is the quickest way to go back and edit the last order. If this button does not have the last order on it, then the last order (and all orders) can be edited or adjusted in View Tickets.


Gift Card - Access Gift Card information including active status and balance from the main screen in Order Entry.


No Sale - Opens the cash register without making a sale. This button has its own security setting so its use can be limited if so desired.


Manager - Access management functions using this button.


Log out - This button is used to log out of the system. Once this button is pressed, the user will have to re-enter their PIN number in order to gain access to the system.


Employee Time Clock - If the Employee Timekeeping module is installed with Point of Success, a button appears on the Point of Success Main Menu screen that says Employee Time Clock. Employees use this button to clock in and out of the timekeeping system. See Time Clock.


Tables - Table and Guest Management functionality - and specifically the Table Map is accessed using this button. Order using the assigned table directly.


Exit - This button exits the program back to the operating system. This button has its own security setting so it can be limited if so desired. To deny access to the operating system and 'lock down' the computer to running this program only, use security setup to limit the ability to exit the program.


Alerts - In the top right corner of the screen there is a notification bell. Messages generated by the system display and can be dismissed in this corner.