Service Type List

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Service Type List

Service Type List

Service Type indicates the type of service given to customers. For example, Dine-In, Take-out, Delivery, and Pick-up are all types of service a restaurant can provide. This designation is printed on the Prep Ticket so the order preparation staff will be able to tell what kind of order is being processed.

Customer Name Only: If a particular service type does not require collection of all customer demographics but should allow for customer's name only, check the Customer Name Only check box.

Delivery: To designate the service type as delivery, check the Delivery check box at the top of the screen when the type is selected. The description of the service type item does not matter. For example, even if the type of service description reads "Delivery" it does not mean it is designated for delivery and will not carry the characteristics of a delivery service type unless the Delivery check box at the top of the screen is checked.

Curbside: Designation for curbside service.

Print Box Labels: If box labels should be printer for this type of service, check the Print Box Labels check box to allow them to print. For example, if box labels, being expensive, are only required for delivery and take out items, check this box for those two types of service and ensure that the other types of service are unchecked. This is a great way to save on box label stock.

No Sales Tax: Checking this box for a particular service type will suppress sales tax charges for this type of service. For example, if all take out order should not be taxed, check the No Sales Tax box for that service type.

For Coursing Send All: When using "Coursing", ordered items are sent to the kitchen when designated to be sent. For some service types, it makes sense to send all items regardless of how they would be managed using other service types. If this is the case, checking this box makes the send function immediate for all items on this order.