Time Sensitive Pricing

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Time Sensitive Pricing

Under the Tools, Time Sensitive Pricing link is a windows that allows the user to designate up to four (4) different price times for products. If products are priced differently at different times of day or for different promotional times (like Happy Hour, for example) the system will automatically track and adjust the pricing according to the time the item is ordered.

Price Options

Use this window to set the time ranges for time-sensitive pricing. If Time Sensitive Pricing is in effect, all the Descriptions in use will be displayed in the top right corner of the Order menu screen. Set the product pricing for the Time Sensitive Pricing in Product Entry Advanced Pricing.

Each of the twelve time slots has a description (i.e. Happy Hour, Super Saturday, Half Price Tuesday) and has a time range. It can also be included or excluded for days of the week. The list of pricing options is in order according to this list. So, if the Time 1 qualifies, that is the pricing that is in effect. The first time-sensitive pricing item it finds to be true (starting with 1) will be the active one, regardless if there are other intervals that are also true.

To deactivate a time slot, simply clear its description and check boxes for days of the week.