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Product Entry

Product Entry General

Code - When a product is entered, the first field to be filled in is the product's Code. The code is the identifier by which the computer associates products with menu items. Hint: Codes should be recognizable and grouped by the first couple of letters of the code. That way, when setting up menu items, like codes will sort together and be easier to find.

For example, for an extra large Vegetarian Special, a good code to use would be VEGSPECXL. Using this code during menu item assignment would then be simple because after typing the first couple of letters the list of products will scroll down to the products that have been grouped. Products from the list are easily selected this way.

Inactive - This check box indicates whether or not the product is counted among the active products currently for sale. If the 'Inactive' check box is checked, this product cannot be ordered. Inactivate any items that should not be sold but not deleted. Deleting items will cause trouble for reporting. The only time an item should be deleted is if it has never been used on an order. Seasonal items are a good example of products that should be periodically inactive.

Description - The description of a product is a long field that is used to describe the product. This description helps identify products and is displayed in the Product Center listing.

Receipt Description - A shorter description that prints on Order Tickets, Prep Tickets, Customer Receipts, etc and is used to identify the product in abbreviated form. The Receipt Description is short in order to fit on a narrow receipt.

Type - The product 'type' designates whether or not the product should be taxed. The different types are set up in the Point of Success Office Manager system under the Tools menu under the heading "Accounting and Business Information." Click the sales tax blue underlined hyperlink to access these items.

Category - Select a product category from the drop down list when entering products. This list is user-definable and can be found in the Point of Success Office Manager system under the Tools menu under the heading "Company Information." There is a special type called Comment that designates a product as a comment type. Comment buttons established on the Food Menu Designerwill allow the user to input information specific to the ticket or item chosen. A comment button can be any button that can accept a Product Code. Set up a Comment product code in Product Entry and assign the comment product to any button designated as a comment button. For example, if there should be a name on a ticket, place a Comment button on the main Food Menu screen so the name can be entered while taking the order. Then when the prep staff finishes the order, the name can be called informing the customer that the order is ready.

Prep Location - This setting designates where the Prep Ticket will print. Up to six prep stations supported by this system (three for Point of Success Standard). If the product has no designated prep station or needs no preparation, select 'none' and a prep ticket will not be printed.

Cost - If there is a cost associated with the product being entered, it should be keyed in the 'Cost' field. This cost will be used in the necessary reports to show profit margin on particular items. If no cost is associated or none is desired, this field can be left blank.

Retail Price - This is the price of the product. The amount from this field is charged to the customer and appears on the order ticket and customer receipts.

Ask for Price - When this box is checked, Order Entry will ask the user to fill in the price of the item charged. Use this if the price is variable or by weight or volume.

Pop-up Message - Use this message to warn the user concerning this item. For example, enter the message 'Must be 18 years old to purchase this product' or 'Under-age if born after 1986', etc. When this item is ordered, this message will be displayed.

Lookup Code - Enter a numeric value for this product that can be scanned using a barcode scanner. Using the lookup feature, the product can be scanned much like a grocery store item.

Scale Integration - When using scale integration, each product that is to be weighed should have its price set per weight and the check box to use the scale should be checked. If there is a tare weight it can be recorded here too. To set up the tare weight for the item, it can be weighed in this window. Press the "Weigh Package" button and place the item on the scale when directed.

Product Entry Advanced Pricing Tab

Product Entry Advanced Pricing

Calculate portion prices as a fraction of Retail Price - If an item is split in half, divide the retail price in half and charge that amount. All fractional pricing will be calculated by the computer according the portion into which it is divided.

Specify Portion Pricing - If an item is being divided in half, designate the price of this product for each half. If in thirds or quarters, designate the price for each portion individually verses allowing the computer to calculate the half, third, or quarter pricing. NOTE: Specific Portion Pricing precludes the use of Time Sensitive Pricing.

Time Sensitive Prices - Designate up to 12 time periods during the day to change pricing on this product. For example, if this item is sold at normal price during most of the day but is offered for less during Happy Hour, the Happy Hour times and prices are entered here. If Lunch items are one price and Dinner prices are different, the same product can be used for both and charged according to the schedule entered here. NOTE: Time Sensitive Pricing cannot be used with Special Portion Pricing.

Delivery Price Adjustment - The amount entered in this field will be added to the Retail Price of this item for delivered orders.

The magnifying glass icon adjacent to the fields represents a search. To search the data stored from the field or to add additional data to the list, press the magnifying glass and the search / edit / add screen will appear. In most cases the user has the ability to add or remove records as well as locate records using this key.

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