Discount List

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Discount List


The Discount List information is set up in the Point of Success Office Manger software under the Tools menu. It is located under the heading Payment and Tender Set Up. Click the discounts blue underlined hyperlink to access this information.


To add discounts, use the Add new discount... button located on the left panel of the Discount List screen. To remove a discount, click the discount to be removed so that it is selected and press the Delete this discount... button on the left panel of the Discount List screen. Confirm that the discount will be deleted. There is no undo function so make sure the desired effect is the permanent removal of this discount.


To edit an existing discount, click the discount listed in the Discount List and then click the Edit this discount... button on the left panel. An alternate way to edit a discount is to double-click the discount in the Discount List.


Discount Entry

All discounts, coupons, etc. are set up using this screen.


Code - When a discount is entered, the first field to be filled in is the discount's Code. The code is the identifier by which the computer keeps track of the discount in the system. Hint: Codes should be recognizable and grouped by the first couple of letters of the code.


Description - This is the verbose information about the discount. The description should contain enough information to make an informed selection when presented with a list of descriptions in order entry. The best descriptions show the discount name, purpose, percentage or dollar value, etc.


Type - Indicates they type of the discount being established:

 Any Product - Any product can receive the discount

 Specific Product - This discount can apply to specific products in the Discounted Product List

 Quantity - This discount can be used for "buy one get one free"

 Combination - This discount can be used for buy one product get a discount on a different product


Amount Is - This section designates if the amount being applied for the discount is one of the following:

 A Percent - This takes a percentage off items selected to be discounted. For example, 10.00 would be 10% or a ten percent discount.

 Dollars Off Each Item - 1.00 means a $1.00 discount off each item selected to be discounted.

 Dollars Off All Items - 1.00 means a $1.00 discount off all items selected collectively.

 A Target Price - Discounts all items selected to one price regardless of previous price.


Ask Amount - Allows the amount of the discount to be variable. The discount amount must be supplied at the time of the order when the discount is being applied.


Start Date / End Date - The effective date of the discount. If there is a particular date the coupon will start, enter it here. The discount will not show up on the discount list until this date. If the discount expires, the end date designates when the discount will no longer be applicable to orders.


Start Time / End Time - The Start Time is the time of day when the discount can be applied. Prior to this time, the discount will not be available for application. The end time or the cut-off time when the discount is no longer offered. The discount will not display on the discount list after this time.

Discount Applies On Days of the Week - This is a DAY identifier signifying on which days the discount applies. The discount will only show on the list for use on the days designated.

Purchase Minimum - This setting requires that an order be of a certain dollar value in order to use the coupon. If the order total is less than this minimum, the coupon cannot be used.

Limit - This discount can only be used X number of times for the same item on one order. For example, if there is an order for 4 large pizzas but the coupon says, 'Limit 2', then the first two items will be charged at the coupon price and the others will be charged at the regular price.

Service Type - This discount can only be applied to products of a certain service type. If an offer is for 'Dine In' only, for example, this option will restrict the use of this coupon to only 'Dine In' customers.

Show this discount on selection list - This shows or hides the discount on the discount list.

This discount cannot be combined with any other discount - This limits the use of the discount so that it cannot be used with other discounts. This designation makes the discount exclusive of all other discounts. During order entry when applying discounts, the second discount button is inactive as a result of this item being checked.


Discount Entry Products To Discount


The Product List tab of the Discount List displays a list of products to include/exclude from the discount by type. Select the type of product from the Product Type drop down list and the qualifying products appear in the Exclude Products list on the left panel. If all products of this type are included, click the 'All' arrow button to move all products to the Products Eligible for Discount pane.


A quick way to switch products between panels is to use the Change the included products to be excluded check box. The titles of the two panels will switch as will the status from include to exclude and vice versa.


Discount Entry Security

If there is a restriction on the use of a discount or a discount must be assigned to a specific Security Group use this window to designate which group is appropriate for each discount. If all users can use the selected discount, check the All users can use this discount check box.


Key any notes or special instructions in the right panel for information regarding each discount item.