Customer Entry (Order Entry)

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Customer Entry (Order Entry)

Customer Entry (Order)

The Customer Entry in Point of Success Order is where typical residential customers can be entered on the fly if they do not already exist in the database. When a new order is started and a customer is determined not to be already set up, this window will appear to allow the user to key in the customer. Customer's information can be verified and edited using this window as well.


Customer code is a way for the computer to keep track of customers using a single, unique identifier. This code can be chosen by the user or if left blank, the computer will automatically generate a code using a combination of the fields in Customer Entry. Once a customer code has been established it cannot be changed.


Enter the customer's phone number, last name, first name, street address, postal code (city and state/province are filled in automatically if they exist). The phone number should already be filled in from the previous customer list screen.


Customer Since - This is the date the customer was first entered into the system. This date is used to calculate the value of a customer for a given range of time.


Once the first screen has been completed, there is no additional information to be entered. Customer Entry on the fly is different than the Customer Entry center in that it is assumed that additional information is not necessary.


How Did They Find Us - Choose from the list of referral sources


Delivery Zone - Used to designate a zone in the local city grid in which the customer resides. This is user definable and used to assist in delivery.


Cross Streets - This records the major cross streets for the customer. This is saved for permanent records but may be updated each time the customer calls.


Delivery Instructions - If there are special delivery instructions for this customer, they can be entered here and stored for use each time the customer orders.


Click on the Comment field in Customer Entry to enter any information to be saved about this customer which may apply to their order.


Find Customer - If an attempt to locate a customer fails and this window appears, an existing customer can still be found. Click the Find Customer button to search for a customer that is already in the database.


Last Order - Behind the Last Order tab, the customers latest order is displayed. If that order is verified and the customer wants to order a repeat of this order, click the Copy Last Order check box and a copy of the same order will be automatically entered in order entry. If the customer has never ordered previously, the Copy Last Order check box will be inactive (disabled).

Copy Last Order


To add additional information or warnings to a customer's file, access their account through the Point of Success Office Manager program. Click this link to access the help for the Customer Entrycenter.