Set Background Pictures

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Set Background Pictures

In Point of Success Order Entry program, there are two images displayed that can be changed. The first image is the Main Screen image. The second screen that displays a picture is the Order Entry screen that displays the food menu. By default, these screens display a generic design. To change the pictures, access the Tools menu in the Point of Success Office Manager program. Under the Other Tools heading, there is a blue hyperlink to set background pictures. The following window appears:

Set Background Picture Main Screen

There are two tabs, Main Screen Background and Order Entry Screen Background. Each tab works independently from the other. Changing one background picture does not require that the other image be changed. Changing either image is applicable to every workstation on the network. If an image is changed, every other computer on the network will display the same image.

Select Picture - the select picture field allows the user to choose a picture to replace the default image. Click the drop-down menu to choose a picture. Once selected, the image will appear in the preview window below.

Set Background Picture Order Entry Screen

Custom Photo - Use the Custom Photo button to locate images to be used as the replacement image. When an image has been located and selected, it is copied to a folder (C:\Point of Success\Pictures) for use in Main and Order Entry screens. The original image remains in its location and a duplicate is placed in this folder.

Header Font Color - refers to the company name, Point of Success, home screen, and register/workstation that appears at the top of the Main Screen. By default, this header text is white because of the darkness of the default image. If the chosen replacement image is light enough so the heading information is difficult to read, choose to display that header in black rather than white.

There is no header displayed on the Order Entry menu screen so this option is not set for that screen.

Shade Color - The Shade color refers to the color that can be applied to the image to darken it or change its hue. The default color is black to allow the image to be darkened but an array of colors are available.

Shade Color

To choose a color, select from one of the pre-defined boxes in the top left of this screen. Additionally, custom colors can be defined and saved in the box. To do this, click on the color you want in the color palette. Make note of the brightness gradation at the extreme right of the screen. This will determine how dark or light the chosen color is. To save this color for use later, press the Add to Custom Colors button. The color will appear in one of the boxes under the Custom Colors label.

Shade Percentage - Use the slider to apply more or less of the chosen shade color to the picture. The shading will be applied over the picture and the preview will show the resulting image.

Screen Preview - The screen preview check box places buttons on top of the preview image in the approximate position that they will appear on the main screen. This allows the user to view the picture in context to see if it is suitable for use. Remember that the buttons will not be in the exact location as screen dimensions and other factors may skew the resulting display.