Street Database

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Street Database

To set up the street database, access the data entry screens in Point of Success Office Manager under the Tools center. The street database list looks like this:

Street List

To add a new street range, click Add new street… on the left panel. Edit, delete, and search features are also located on the left panel of this window.


The numeric range of houses included in the street database allows the user to designate which houses are in the delivery zone. Each street (number and name) can be entered. An associated address zone and delivery charge can also be keyed in during new street setup.

Start House Number - The starting number on the street to be included in the delivery area.

End House Number - The ending number on the street to be included in the delivery area.

Street - Street name including direction if applicable.

Postal Code - Postal or Zip code for this street.

Zone - The delivery zone associated with this street.

Delivery Charge - Delivery charge assigned to this street. If the same street has multiple delivery charges, add the street multiple times with the corresponding numbers and delivery charges.

Cross Streets - Major cross streets.

Alert Note - A note that will be displayed each time this zone is accessed. For example, "No Deliveries after 6:00pm.

No Delivery - If an address (range of addresses) should not receive delivery, set up the address and check this box.

Zone List

Delivery Zones - a list of zone labels for data entry. This list ensures that the zone will be keyed in the same every time. List every zone mapped for delivery.