Pay Ticket (Order Entry)

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Pay Ticket (Order Entry)

To pay an order after it is taken, press the Pay button at the bottom of the food menu screen, or choose Pay from the View Tickets screen.

Ticket Payment

Credit Card Payment

To pay by credit card, which is the default tender enter the amount to be paid, then press the large "Pay $XX.XX" Button in the top right corner of the window. This will activate the credit card device and the rest of the payment transaction will be conducted on the device itself.

For convenience, splitting a payment is also available. Turn on this feature in Point of Success Office Manager > Tools > Show split payment buttons in Ticket Payment window.

Show Split Payments Buttons


The payment bars showing the splits (2 Ways, 3 Ways, 4 Ways, 5 Ways, and 6 Ways) show in the payment screen.

Ticket Payment Split Tender 3 ways

Choosing a spit tender payment button allows the user to split the ticket by payment. To pay a particular amount, click one of the fractional payment buttons on the right side. To choose an amount, key the amount in using the keypad.

Discount - Apply up to two discounts using this screen. Discounts will only appear if they are applicable to the order and the timeframe.

Finalize [with tip] - The tip amount can be added to an order if the merchant is set to accept tips. Touch the credit card transaction to pop up the Finalize and Void buttons. Touch Finalize to add a tip, and Void to void the payment.

Ticket Payment Finalize

After touching the Finalize button, the Enter Tip Amount is displayed. If a customer requests, the tip can be automatically calculated on-the-fly using the % buttons on the left.

Ticket Payment Enter Tip Amount

Tip Paid Out - This check box lets the user indicate whether or not the tip was paid out of the till during the payment transaction.


To pay cash for an order, press the cash button. The full amount of the check can be paid by pressing the Pay $XX.XX button (where $XX.XX is the full price of the ticket). Currency tendered can be added up by using the buttons to the right of the keypad. For example, if $40 is tendered in two twenty dollar bills, press the $20 button twice to ring up $40. Press OK and the change will be automatically calculated.

Speed Cash rounds the total up to the next dollar (as many customers do) and is colored dark green to signal that it is a one-time press button. The change due will display after using this button.

If Cash Discount is being used by the merchant, the Ticket Total will reflect the starting price, and the Cash Price will show the price being charged because cash is used. The difference is calculated in Cash Discount.

Ticket Payment Cash

Check - If a check is used to pay a ticket, press the Check button. Enter the check amount and press OK.

Card - If a credit card is used to pay a ticket, press the Card button. Choose the type of card and enter the amount of the transaction.

Gift Card - When paying FOR a gift card, (meaning a gift card was purchased) the card will have to be activated on the fly. When paying WITH a gift card, (meaning the gift card was used to pay an order) it will authorize much like a credit card.

Gift Certificate - To apply a gift certificate, press the Gift Certificate button. Key in the amount of the gift certificate and press OK. The amount will be subtracted from the total amount of the ticket. The remaining amount can be paid using any other tender type.

Done - Once the payment amounts have been entered with tips and discounts, press the Done button to finish the payment and close the payment window.

Note: For delivery orders, the pay button simply indicates the tender type which will print on the dispatch ticket. No payment detail or transaction is logged when using the Pay button for a delivery order.