Order Entry (Order Entry)

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Order Entry (Order Entry)

The Order Entry screen is largely designed and implemented in the Food Menu Designer. Because of the flexibility of the Food Menu Designer, the Order Entry screen may look different than the one presented here. This menu is a sample of what a menu and order entry screen could look like. Products, menus, and items vary greatly between restaurants and may be entirely different from the one depicted.


Order Ticket

Order Entry contains several components. On the left side of the screen is the order ticket. The order ticket displays each item and its price as it is ordered. Modifiers and additional ingredients are also displayed here.

Order entry has been designed for easy touch or mouse use. All parts of the screen can be activated and produce information windows to help distinguish details about the order.

At the bottom of the order ticket is where the Table, Promised Minutes, and Service Type are displayed. To change or edit any one of these fields, touch or click the area to activate edit mode for that field.

The Subtotal of an order is the amount of an order before any discounts, tax, delivery charges, or tip have been applied. The listed items are added to the subtotal to arrive at the total, displayed in blue. This amount is the total for the order being entered.


Order Menu


Menu Navigation

To make items appear on the order ticket, touch or click on menu items to the right of the order ticket. Menus, Items, List, and Include buttons are placed and activated with product codes so that when they are selected during order taking they will appear in the order ticket with their corresponding price.


Once an item has been selected, use the Food Menu button located at the top of the menu to navigate back to the starting point to order the next item. The navigation path is always displayed in the space above the menu to inform the user where they are and how they can get to other screens easily. Touch any of the buttons to navigate to that level of the menu.


Buttons on the Bottom of the Screen

Discount - This button is used to apply a discount to an order such as a coupon or senior citizen discount. Press this button to access the Add Discount screen.


Tip - A tip calculator is produced with incremental buttons on the left side. Click those amounts or enter a tip amount to be charged on the ticket. The amount will be displayed at the bottom of the order ticket and be added to the total.


About - This button allows the user to find out about menu items. When this button is pressed, it turns yellow and displays a question mark (?) signifying that the next item clicked will display the About message. This is typically used to describe the item or list ingredients should the customer ask.


Quantity - By default, each item chosen from the menu has a quantity of one. If more than one of the same item is ordered, use the quantity button. This button works in two ways: 1) Before the item is ordered, and 2) in edit mode to increase the quantity of an item already ordered.


Before selecting an item, press the Quantity button. A keypad is presented. Select the desired quantity and press OK. The value chosen then appears on the button in place of the word Quantity. This is a reminder as to how many of an item will be ordered once the item is selected. When the item is ordered, the quantity automatically increments and the price reflects the amount of the item multiplied by the quantity chosen.


To edit a quantity, touch or click an item from the order ticket. This enables Edit Mode as indicated by the button at the top of the screen. In edit mode, the quantity of an item can be changed. Press the Quantity button and choose the quantity of items. Press OK and the quantity automatically increments and the price reflects the amount of the item multiplied by the quantity chosen. Quantity can be a fraction of a whole number by using the decimal point.


Discard - Cancels the order and deletes the items selected.


Pay - Establish what method of payment the customer has selected.


Done - Press done when all items on the order have been selected. This will automatically generate prep tickets for the order and set the computer to be ready for the next order.