Default Service Types

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Default Service Types

Service Type indicate the type of service given to customers. For example, Dine-In, Take-out, Delivery, and Pick-up are all types of service a restaurant can provide. This designation is printed on the Prep Ticket so the order preparation staff will be able to tell what kind of order is being processed.

Default Service Types

Set up the Default Service Type for each kind of order that can be taken. For example, for Phone Orders, choose the Default Service Type to be delivery if the telephone orders most often taken are for delivery. Set the Default Service Type for New Orders to be dine-in if most walk-in traffic eats in the restaurant after ordering.

The 'Always Ask' check boxes adjacent the default service type fields activates a question when choosing "New Order" or "Phone Order" from the main screen of Point of Success Order Entry. Instead of defaulting to one of the service types, it asks the user to select a service type on the fly.

The magnifying glass icon adjacent to the fields represents a search. To search the data stored from the field or to add additional data to the list, press the magnifying glass and the search / edit / add screen will appear. In most cases the user has the ability to add or remove records as well as locate records using this key.


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