Company Information

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Company Information

The Company Information is set up in the Point of Success Office Manger software under the Tools menu. It is located under the heading 'Company Information.'

Store Information

The product registration is contained in the Company Information tab which is retrieved from the registration information stored on the Internet for this particular store. When the program is first opened, it requests that registration information be filled in. If there is no registration, the product will work for 10 days before it must be registered. Successful product registration is dependent on an Internet connection.

Store ID: The Store ID is a unique registration code specific to the current location. It is not used anywhere else other than the location where it is generated. Information specific to the location is stored in the cloud as well. This information is used when registering the software and unlocks the aspects of the program under this particular license.

Enter the company information for the current location. This information will appear on customers' receipts and should be formatted to communicate complete and accurate information to the customer who receives a receipt.

Software License

The information stored with the license of the software indicates all software and relationship information as well as credit card connection information and technical support contract in force. This information is maintained on the Internet and cannot be changed locally. Contact Inborne Technology if this information is incorrect or there should be additional license information reflected.

If information is updated remotely or additional licenses are purchased, clicking the "Register Store" button will update this tab with the most current information.