Quick Pay

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Quick Pay

Quick Pay Options

When the 'Use quick pay" instead of the standard payment window check box is checked, Quick Pay is used in place of the original payment window. The Quick Pay option replaces the green payment window and requires little input from the user depending on preset questions.

Tender Type: The tender type is preset. Once cash, check, etc. is chosen from the list in setup, there is not need to ask the user during operation which tender type is being received.

There is a check box that restricts messages also. This box is the 'Ask tender amount and display change when paying' check box. When checked, the screen asking for the amount tendered and the resulting change due the customer are suppressed. No additional feedback is generated by the computer. This check box speeds up payment entry by removing some of the required input such as entering the tendered amount or pressing 'OK' on the window displaying the change due.

Print Receipt: There are three options for printing receipts using the Quick Pay function. Receipts can be printed each time an order is taken, receipts can be completely suppressed, or receipt printing can be determined on the fly by asking if a receipt is desired or not.