Personal Identification Number Setup

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Personal Identification Number Setup

Personal Identification Number and Fingerprint Setup

The Personal Identification Number and Fingerprint Setup is located in the Point of Success Office Manger program under the Tools menu. It is listed under the heading 'Company Information.'

During initial installation and setup, the program automatically forces one system administrator be established. The program cannot continue without setting up an administrator. Once this administrator's information has been keyed in and saved, the program then automatically asks for a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to be established for that person.

After the administrator is set up the program will not automatically set up additional staff and PIN numbers. Once a staff member has been keyed it, a PIN number can be assigned by accessing the Personal Identification Number Setup panel. All staff members must have a PIN numbers in order to access the Point of Success Order and Point of Success Office Manager programs. Upon closing the PIN Setup window, a warning will appear for staff members without PIN numbers. PIN numbers must be unique.

This is also the screen where the fingerprint information is recorded. If Fingerprint software is loaded, each staff member can have their fingerprint recorded for recognition in the system. Click the staff member, then click "Register Fingerprint" - it will require 4 separate touches on the fingerprint hardware (scanner) to record the fingerprint of the employee. Once those four instances are recorded, it will save this for use when logging in to the software.