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Edit Button Group

Edit Button Groups - Button groups are groups in the Button Map (menu) that are grouped together and react to each other. The group names default to Group 1, Group 2, etc. but can be changed to more descriptive names. Click the word under the Name column and retype the name of the group. The following options are allowed when relating buttons to each other:

Edit Button Groups

Select Only One Button - All the buttons associated with this group will react together - only one of them can be pressed at a time. If one is pressed it will cause another to be released. This is commonly called a 'radio button'. For example, if there are three crust options: Thin, Thick, Low Carb - these would be set to a group so that only one can be chosen at a time.

Allow No Selection - With Select Only One Button, if it is acceptable to have no choice selected, then check this option. Pressing different buttons will result in 'radio button' action, but pressing the same button twice will toggle between that button being pressed and released.

Whole Limit - This is the number of buttons that can be pressed in this group. If only 2 items are allowed, the first two pressed will be activated and any others pressed will not be allowed. It is called 'Whole Limit' because this only applies to whole items as opposed to split items.

Free On or Before - This is a count of the number of items that are free if additional items can be charged. For example, if 2 items are allowed in the price but more items can be selected and charged, then set this limit at 2. Each item after 2 that is chosen will be charged.

Free On or After - This is a count of the number of items that are free after the threshold has been reached. For example, if all toppings after 6 are charged at the 6 topping price, this threshold is set to 6. Up to 6 items will be charged when ordering from this group but the 7 th item, 8 th item, etc. will be free.