Data Transmissions

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Data Transmissions

Once the Settings have been entered, the program is ready for configuration. The first tab on the main screen is the Data Transmissions screen. Here, batches of data can be scheduled for automatic transmission or can be sent manually. There is also a detailed list of batches that have been generated and sent.

Schedule Data Transfer

A schedule can be established to automatically send data on a defined interval.

Central Point Data Transfer Schedule

Manual Data Transfer

Central Point Choose Transfer Dates

Transmission Messages

Transmission messages such as the one below are captured in the Transmission Messages window. This information is useful to trouble shoot batch processing, gather information about batches, or catch errors that should be corrected. For example, in this message there was an open order which really should be paid and closed before the batch is sent. This can be corrected, then the batch can be voided and redone using the Void and Redo button described below.



1/29/2008 3:00 pm

Batch 3 for: 1/28/2008 - 1/28/2008

Preparing transmission data

Gathering financial data

Gathering customer data

Total orders with customer data: 1

Transmitting file to central office

ALERT: Data transmitted with alerts


Open Order 23 on 1/28/08

1/29/2008 3:00 pm




Resend Data


The 'Resend Data' button is used to send an existing batch again. Click the batch to resend and press this button and the previously created batch will be immediately resent.



Void and Redo


The 'Void and Redo' button differs from the 'Resend Data' button in that it destroys the selected batch, creates a new batch using the specified criteria, and re-sends the data as if it were creating and sending a new batch.