Caller ID Settings

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Caller ID Settings

The following settings screen is available to help configure the Point of Success Caller ID Server.


Press the Settings... button on the main screen of the Point of Success Caller ID Server software to access the settings and configuration fields of the program. There are three tabs in this window labeled General, Box Communication, Workstation Communication.



Under the General tab, set the following items:


Caller ID Server General


Number of Phone Lines - This designates how many phone lines are connected and available to accept Caller ID information.


Number of Seconds Until Warning (Yellow) - sets the number of seconds until a call's status will change to yellow


Number of Seconds Until Alert (Red) - sets the number of seconds until a call's status will change to red


Number of Seconds Until Automatically Cleared - sets the number of seconds until a call is automatically cleared.


Box Communication

The Box Communication tab allows the user to designate which serial or COM port the Caller ID system will use.


Caller ID Server Box Communications


COM Ports - This list of COM ports indicates which serial ports are available.


Discover COM Ports - In order to detect which COM port is connected, place the loopback adapter (looks like a motherboard jumper) across pins 2-3 of the serial cable. The display will indicate which port has the loopback adapter attached to it. This is the port that should be assigned.




Workstation Communication


Caller ID Server Workstation Communication


All network adapters are automatically displayed in this window. To choose the correct adapter, select the listed adapter that is bound to the local IP for the network. The name, IP address, and MAC address of the network adapter are displayed for your information. The IP address of the Caller ID Server is written in the data file so all the connecting workstations are able to locate the server.


The TCP Port is listed and can be changed by technical support. DO NOT CHANGE THIS PORT NUMBER. THE SOFTWARE WILL NOT WORK IF THIS NUMBER IS CHANGED.