Caller ID

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Caller ID

Caller ID


Caller ID is an add-on product to Point of Success that makes caller id information from the telephone company available for display in Point of Success. This will help users rapidly obtain customer information for data entry and security. The Caller ID module is compatible with Point of Success version 1.4 or higher. Caller ID must be registered in order to work. To register Caller ID, call Inborne Technology at (800) 752-3565. Provide the computer ID from the company information screen to get the unlock code to register the Caller ID module.



The following items are required in order to install and use the Point of Success Caller ID system:


 Caller ID Interface Unit (commonly referred to as the box or the black box) 2-Port, 4-port or 8 port

 Point of Success Caller ID server software (Registered)

 COM port

 Caller ID subscription with the local telephone company for each line

 The computer designated as the Caller ID Server must have Point of Success (Office and/or Order) installed


The Box

Once registered, the Caller ID software is ready for use. Accompanying the Caller ID software is a Point of Success Caller ID Interface Unit - a 4-line or 8-line black box depending on which configuration was purchased. This box can be installed anywhere that has connectivity to your telephone lines and proximity to the computer that will be running the Caller ID server.

The user guide for the box is printed and included with each box shipped.



The wire to connect the Point of Success Caller ID Interface Unit (the box) to the serial (COM) port on your computer is included with your Point of Success Caller ID system. Telephone wires that connect the phone lines to the box are not included.


Determining Where to Install Caller ID

Caller ID can be installed on any computer on a network or on a single computer if no network is present. The Point of Success Caller ID system needs telephone line and computer connectivity. The Point of Success Caller ID Server computer does not need to be the same computer that is running the Advantage Database Server software but it can be. The Caller ID Interface Unit (the box) connects to your telephone lines and the computer so it should be placed close enough to your telephone connection to receive incoming calls and close enough to a computer to connect and transmit the data to Point of Success Caller ID Server.  


Workstation Installation

Caller ID workstation setup is required for compatibility with the Point of Success Caller ID system.


Caller ID


Server Installation

Caller ID can be installed on any computer on a network or on a single computer if no network is present. To install, insert the CD-ROM containing the Point of Success Caller ID Server software into the installation drive on the computer designated to be the Caller ID server. Follow the installation instructions on the screen and install the software. When installing on a network, make sure the database server machine is running. The connectivity, data location, and the start-up mechanism settings occur automatically upon installation.


NOTE: In order for Caller ID to find and connect to the data, at least one component of Point of Success must be installed on the computer where the Caller ID Server will be installed. For example, Point of Success Order or Office must be installed on the Caller ID Server computer first, and then Caller ID can be installed. The Caller ID software uses information from Point of Success to find and connect to the data.


Once the Caller ID Server has been installed and the Point of Success system has been updated, run the Caller ID Server and configure the software and hardware to work together. For instructions and detailed information about the settings, see Caller ID Settings.


In the main Caller ID Server window, in the upper right corner is the status of the server. Server Stopped means that the server has not been started or did not automatically start. Server Started means that the server has been started or that it automatically started after startup.


Caller ID Server


Exit - To exit the Caller ID Server window, click this button.


Settings - to access the settings and configuration tabs, click this button. For more information see Caller ID Settings.


Help - Displays context-sensitive Help for Caller ID.


About - Shows the version and build number of the Caller ID Server.


Start Server - After all the settings are established, the Caller ID Server is started using this button. The status is displayed in the upper right corner of the window. The status will change moments after this button is pressed.


Clear - In the unlikely event that the displayed information for a particular line needs to be cleared, press the corresponding button to clear the Caller ID display text from the line. This will have no effect on the actual call.


How it works

When a phone call comes in, the voice data and the caller id data are delivered together on the same line. The voice information is decoded by the telephone's speaker for the user to hear and the caller id information is decoded by a caller id device and displayed. The stream of caller id information transmitted during a call is captured by the Caller ID Interface Unit (the box) and is delivered to the Point of Success Caller ID Server software via a serial port or COM port connection. This information is interpreted and displayed in the Point of Success Caller ID Server software.


Each Point of Success Order workstation continuously checks for Caller ID information while in the Phone Order screen. If information has been captured by the Caller ID Server, then it will be obtained and displayed by the workstation. Timers are set in the software to automatically clear the lines after a user-definable period of time.


Once a call is taken by one workstation, it cannot be taken by a second workstation. The call is locked and no other user can take it.


The calls displayed, taken, and cleared on the Point of Success Caller ID system do not affect the actual call coming in. Taking a call from the Phone Order area of Point of Success does not actually answer the call.



After all the components of the Point of Success Caller ID system is installed and configured, the system is ready for use. There are three parts to the Caller ID system: the Point of Success Caller ID Interface Unit (the box), the Caller ID Server software, and the compatible Point of Success Order program. Each will be discussed.


The Caller ID Interface Unit (the box) is plugged into the telephone system and also connected to the computer. In order to ensure that the box is connected and functioning properly, call each individual line that is connected to it. When you call line one for example, the red light labeled '1' will flicker. Lines that are not receiving calls will be steadily red. Test each line to make certain that the wires are properly connected and that the lights function properly. If you detect any problems, please call technical support at (800) 752-3565.


The Caller ID Server software should be installed on the machine designated as the Caller ID server. This machine should have an open serial or COM port available and be connected to the box via that port.


Taking a call - new customer

Caller ID information is displayed on the panel labeled Incoming Calls on the left side of Phone Order screen at each workstation. When the phone rings, the caller's information is displayed on the Incoming Calls panel. Touch the call (name) and then answer the call. If this is the customer's first call into the restaurant, their information will not be found in the database. In this case, the New button turns green after the call is taken and call answered displays on the other workstations on the network.


This ensures that the same call cannot be taken twice. Press the New button and the phone number and name of the caller will be automatically filled into the customer entry screen.



callerid call taken not found


Taking a call - existing customer

When a call comes in from a customer has called before, that customer's information is already in the database. Touch the call (name) and answer the call. When the call is selected, the system automatically searches for the customer. Since they are an existing customer, the OK button turns green and the customer is highlighted. This indicates that the caller's information exists.

callerid call taken exists

Press the OK button and the caller's existing information will be automatically displayed in the customer entry screen. Verify the customer's information and press OK again to proceed to the order menu.

If necessary, the touch numeric keypad can be used normally to locate a customer by telephone number. The keypad allows you to key a phone number manually without using the Caller ID information.

Since the Caller ID system cannot tell if a call has been disconnected, sometimes a call may still display even though the caller is no longer on the line. To clear this kind of call, touch the call (name) and then touch the Clear Line button at the bottom of the left panel. This will remove the Caller ID information from the selected line.



If after installation, the Point of Success Order system indicates that the software is not registered, access the registration information in the Point of Success Office program. Click Tools | Company Name and enter the Caller ID registration information on the Caller ID tab and click Save. If you do not have registration information, please call (800) 752-3565 and register the Caller ID module.


A network or internet firewall can cause errors with Caller ID or cause it not to be able to connect to the data. Please disable all firewall software or firewall settings in Windows.


If you are having trouble with the system, check the settings to ensure that they are accurate and were not accidentally changed.