Till and Bank List (Order Entry)

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Till and Bank List (Order Entry)

Till and Bank List


The Till and Bank List has six columns of information and seven buttons at the bottom.




Number - Unique Till or Bank number assigned to any new item added to the list.


Workstation - The name of the workstation assigned to the item.


Staff - The staff member who owns the Till or Bank


Status - Open, Closed, or Reconciled


Type - Till or Bank


Cash Drawer - The cash drawer assigned to the Till. Banks do not have cash drawers.



New - Open a new Till or Bank


New Till


Add - Add to a Till or Bank. To add money, select the till or bank and press the Add button. A keypad will appear allowing the user to add a specific amount of money to the existing till or bank.


Drop - A window opens that requests the user to enter the amount of the drop. Key in the amount to be dropped. Press the $5, $10, $20, $50 buttons to quickly increment the amount of the drop. Pressing the same button multiple times will increment the amount by dollar figure indicated on the key.


Paid Out - Paid Out cash is entered by pressing this button. Paid Outmoney is recorded anytime dollars are removed from the till to pay miscellaneous charges. This designation is not used for a drop.


Close - Used to close out a till or bank. A till or bank must be closed to be reconciled. Any user who can access the Till and Bank List can close or reconcile a till or bank. Once a till or bank is closed it cannot be reopened. A new till or bank must be established.


Reconcile - Used to reconcile a till or bank. Select the till or bank to reconcile and press this button. A till or bank must be closed to be reconciled. Only managers or till/bank owners can close or reconcile their till or bank. When Reconcile is pressed, a window is displayed allowing the user to indicate if the till/bank is balanced, over, or short.


Done - After managing the tills and banks on the list, press the Done button to return