Tender Type List

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Tender Type List

Both Tender Types and Default Tender Types are set up in the Point of Success Office Manager under the Tools menu. They are located under the Payment and Tender Set Up heading.

Tender Type List

Default Tender Types answers the question, "How will they be paying?" Types include any form of payment such as cash, check, credit card, on account, etc.

Description - This is the text that is displayed in the list on the left panel of the Tender Type List.

Type of Tender - This is the type of tender. The possible types of tender are cash, check, credit card, gift card, and gift certificate. This list cannot be edited.

Inactive - If it becomes necessary to inactivate a tender type, use this check box to deactivate it. For example, if it is decided that the business will no longer accept a certain credit card, instead of deleting the credit card from the tender types, just deactivate it.