Table Service Restaurants and Bars

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Table Service Restaurants and Bars

Table Service Settings General

Use Table Position features - This check box turns on Table Position features. In Order Entry, an extra field is displayed to fill in the current guest. The total number of guests is entered first, and then the guest whose order is currently being taken is chosen.

Table position current guest

Current Guest: Each item ordered under a current guest will be assigned that guests number. Multiple items can be ordered under the same guest number. When it is time to take the next guest's order, press the Current Guest field and select the guest number from the drop-down list. This list will only have as many numbers of guests as has been determined in the Guests field. The guest designation will display adjacent each order item on the left side of the ticket. The ticket will also be sorted in guest order. Items can be attributed to any guest at any time and will be properly resorted to group the guest's items together.



Table Service Settings Coursing

There are several functions involved in Coursing. This refers to holding or delaying parts of an order to be sent to the kitchen for preparation later. As each "course" of the meal is needed, the items in that group can be sent manually to the kitchen instead of blasting all items on an order at once.

Coursing items means the server manages each item on a ticket. There are some automatic features to make using coursing easier. For example, if Dine-In service requires coursing, but Take-Out service does not, check the box next to Take Out. Those items marked with the service type Take Out will be automatically, immediately sent to be prepared. All other service types will be managed.

Coursing Manager

When the order has been taken and the Done button pressed, this screen appears if Coursing is turned on. Each item qualifying to be displayed is shown. To speed up the process of selecting items, several buttons have been provided at the top of the screen. These buttons will select groups of items to be sent for preparation. Individual items can also be selected by touching or clicking the line item itself.

Coursing Manager Sent

To send additional items later, access the order from the View Tickets list. Press the Send button at the bottom of the screen to bring up the Coursing Management screen. If items have already been sent, that status will be displayed and the items will appear gray.

Fresh List

Table Service Settings Fresh List


Repeat Round

Table Service Settings Repeat Round

In certain settings, it speeds up order entry to be able to put another round of items on an order. Only certain items are typically made available to repeat a round. If, for example, only beverages are repeat-able, then check the box to allow repeat rounding only on beverages.

To add another round to an order, select the ticket in View Tickets and press the Repeat Round button. Only those items on the order that are eligible will be repeated. Individual items can be removed from the automatic repeat-round action.