Staff Entry

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Staff Entry

Staff Entry


The Staff Entry center in the Point of Success Office Manager program allows the user to set up or edit staff information.  There are three tabs for data entry to record staff information and set security levels, etc.


Code - An employee code will be assigned if this field is left blank. To control or customize the code, assign the code manually. Enter the new desired code at the time of data entry. This code cannot be changed once the staff member has been saved.


Enter the Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, Street and Postal Code information for the new staff member. Also enter additional contact information such as phone number, cellular phone number, pager, and email address for easy access and future contact.


Employees can have multiple roles in an organization with different pay depending on which task they are performing. Position login allows the employee to clock in and clock out using the different positions depending on their current function. These positions are set up in Staff Entry. Each employee can have up to three different jobs with three different pay rates and be recorded and able to login separately under each one.


Staff Entry Position 1


Also enter the birth date and emergency contact information on the first tab of Staff Entry.


On the Position tab, the following fields are displayed:


Title - The employees title within the business.

Department - Which department the employee belongs to.

Location - Location where the employee works. For example, East Valley Store.

Area - Area where the employee is located. For example, Prep Station 1

Extension - Telephone extension

Supervisor - The employee's direct supervisor.

Security Group - Assigns the employee to a Security Group to limit system access based on level of employment.

Status - Assign the employment status: choose from full time, part time, and former employee.

External Payroll ID - If payroll is sent to a processing firm, this field stores the employee identification number assigned to the employee.

Pay Type - Employee's pay type: choose from salary, hourly, commission, etc.

Salary and Base Pay Amount - The amount used to calculate how much the employee costs while at the business.

Hourly and Commission Pay Rate - The amount used to calculate how much the employee costs while clocked in at the business.

Hire Date - Date of hire

Last Raise Date - Use this date to determine when the employee last received a raise in pay.

Next Review Date - Use this field to manage the employee review process. Update it each review interval to keep accurate track of employee evaluations.


The Insurance tab of Staff Entry refers to the delivery driver's insurance information. Enter the Insurance Carrier, Insurance Contact, Insurance Phone, Policy Number, and Insurance Expiration Date in the fields provided. Also, there is a field to key in the next Motor Vehicle Division Report.


The Insurance Expiration Date field is useful because it assists in policing the driver staff. When the driver's auto insurance has expired or coverage has lapsed, the driver cannot be dispatched. Warnings indicating that expiration will occur soon is another way that the program helps maintain driver compliance.