Shopping List

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Shopping List

The shopping list is used to automatically create vendor purchase orders. Inventory items to be ordered are selected by these requirements:

If an item’s on-hand quantity plus on-order quantity is lower than its reorder point, the item is selected to be ordered.

The default recommended order quantity of each item is the quantity needed to reach its par value. If the quantity required to reach par value is lower than the item’s minimum order, the order is raised to the minimum order quantity.

Select by Vendor – Choose a vendor from the drop-down list to select that vendor’s inventory items for reorder. This can be used to quickly create a purchase order for a sales representative who visits a restaurant.

Filter by Vendor – Choose a vendor from the drop-down list to change the shopping list to include only items from the selected vendor.

Sort – Choose an option from the drop-down list to control how the shopping list is sorted.

Selected – Check this box to include this item in a purchase order.

Order quantity – Enter the quantity of the inventory item’s Order by unit of measure. The quantity needed to reach the item’s par value is automatically listed.

Cost – The last price paid for the inventory item is listed in the Cost column. This cost can be overridden by entering another amount.

After the quantity and cost are entered, the extended (total cost) amount for that item is calculated and added to the Order Total at the bottom of the window. This gives you a running total of the cost as work through the shopping list.

Create Purchase Orders – Click this button to create purchase orders for all the selected items in the shopping list. A separate purchase order is created for each vendor listing the order quantities specified in the shopping list.

Add Inventory – Click this button to enter a new inventory item while working the shopping list.

Edit Inventory – Click an item in the shopping list and click Edit Inventory to edit that item from the shopping list.