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The Report Designer is a reporting system specifically designed for use with the Point of Success software.

The report designer in Point of Success allows the user to edit, customize, create, and modify any report in the system. From Customer Receipts and Prep Tickets to any of the many reports included with the system, each is available for edit using the report designer.

System Requirements

The report designer requires any Point of Success product and has the same system requirements stated for those products. If a computer meets Point of Success’s system requirements it may be used with the report designer. The report designer works automatically with single user and network versions of Point of Success.

Launching the Report Designer

To access the report designer, choose Reports from the Main Menu inside Point of Success.


The report designer is similar in function to general-purpose reporting systems like Crystal Reports. Although the report designer and Crystal Reports share the ability to produce virtually any report imaginable, the report designer is easier to use with Point of Success.


A detailed manual explaining operation and customization of reports is available for download at