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Home Center – This is the first screen displayed after launching the inventory system. On the right of this screen are the Quick-view panels. You can select which information panels you want to display to customize your home screen.

Inventory CenterEach inventory item is first entered here. Inventory items can be ingredients (olives, fish filets, flour), prepared items that you make in your restaurant for use in other recipes (pizza sauce, bread, sweet tea) or items purchased for direct resale. Information in the Inventory center also includes detailed purchase, sales and adjustment records, and recipes that use each Inventory item.

Recipes CenterRecipes are used to record the ingredients used in each item a restaurant sells. Point of Success Inventory uses recipes to convert the sale of prepared food items into their ingredients. When you sell an item through Point of Success POS software, the Inventory system reduces your inventory by each of the ingredients used in the item’s recipe.

Purchase Orders CenterPoint of Success Inventory will create and manage purchase orders to track your purchases from any vendor you use. Purchase orders can be created manually for inventory items that need to be reordered, or they can be created automatically through the software’s Shopping list function.  When vendor shipments are received through the purchase order system they are added automatically to your inventory.

Vendors CenterCreate a record for every supplier you use. Preferred vendors are attached to each inventory item to make reordering easier.

Reports CenterAll reports available in Point of Success Inventory can be previewed and printed in the Reports center. Reports can also be customized using the included Report Designer.

Tools CenterSystem settings and utility functions are found in the Tools center.