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This user manual will introduce and discuss concepts and operations of both the Point of Success Office Manager program and the Point of Success Order Entry system as well as add on software. The topics in this book are established from the software screens and functions. Installation of the software is covered in the software installation section. Refer to that manual for instructions on installation, initial setup, hardware and operating system requirements, database setup, and installation of Point of Success on a network (more than one computer in the same location that are linked and communicate with each other).

Tips and shortcuts contained in this manual will help streamline the operation and navigation of the Point of Success software. The contents will help users properly set up and execute the program.  

Initial Setup

Once the computers are set up and operating and the software is properly installed, the desktop of the Windows operating system will have two icons (plus additional icons if other add-on software is installed) that will be used to execute the two main programs included with Point of Success.

Note: Upon installation, data files are created that will store the information keyed into the system. There is no need to create additional files. The installation will accomplish this without user intervention.

Upon first execution of the Office Manager program, the system will detect that this is a blank or empty data set because there will be no staff members established. In order to access either system, the staff member must not only be set up but also be assigned a PIN number. This will be discussed in detail later.

On initial execution, the program will request that a staff member be established. Enter the staff information for the system administrator. This is the person that will be responsible for the maintenance of the system and will have the highest security access and is given the right to use all functions in the system.

Upgrade Installation and Setup

Note: Upon installation, existing data files are automatically detected, backed up and then converted to work with this version of the software. The operations of backup and conversion are detected and performed automatically.