How POS Menu Affects Inventory

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How POS Menu Affects Inventory

For each recipe, there needs to be a corresponding product code in Point of Success.  For the most part, you will want all of your product codes in Point of Success to have a matching recipe, but this may not always be the case.  For example, you may have a product code for mozzarella sticks, which come with a side of marinara sauce.  One way to set up this recipe would be to create a mozzarella sticks Menu button with an include button for the marinara sauce.  However if your mozzarella sticks always come with marinara sauce (i.e. it is normally included), then you might just want one button and coincidentally one product code, for use on your menu.  If this is the case, then your recipe will need to include either the inventory item for the marinara sauce, or the components that make up your sauce if you have a custom recipe.

If your menu uses super buttons or combo buttons, inventory will deduct any product codes mapped to buttons you select on your button map, but it will not deduct product codes used for button presets.  In the example of pizza, you could create a meat lovers product code that maps to the pepperoni, sausage and ham products on your super button.  Only the product code for the meat lovers will be examined by inventory.  Alternatively, if a user deselects a particular product in a button preset, Inventory will not “add” that item back into inventory.  This means that all of the meat lover’s items will be deducted from inventory, even if the user selected no ham with the meat lovers.

On a combo button, inventory will deduct both the product code used for the combo the product codes used in your button preset, and the product code used for your base sizes.  If a combo for two large pizzas and a two liter is used, it is advisable not to create a recipe for this product, but instead make sure that there are recipes for the pizza and for the two liter individually.  Otherwise you can make a recipe for the combo, but you will need to use a different product code for your large pizzas and two liter if those product codes already have recipes for them in Inventory.

Inventory knows how to handle multiple and partial portions as well.  If you do a half and half pizza, for example, Inventory will only use half the ingredients for each ingredient used on the specific pizza halves.  Likewise, if you enter 2x pepperoni on a pizza, inventory will be able to withdraw twice as much pepperoni for the recipe specified.  This value is also multiplied further by the quantity, so 2 pizzas at 2x pepperoni should deduct four times the normal amount of pepperoni normally used.