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Order Monitor

Order Monitor

Point of Success Premium includes the ability to process two kinds of orders that may be considered out of the ordinary. These two kinds of orders are Online Orders and Future Orders. Online orders are orders that are received from an online ordering site and processed, printed, and managed in the Point of Success Order Entry system. Future orders are orders that are taken in the restaurant or over the telephone that are promised to the customer at a later time. Both of these kinds of orders enter the Order Entry system via the Order Monitor software.


Use the Order Monitor program for printing prep tickets for orders dated in the future. - this option turns on 'Future Order' processing.

When using the Order Monitor (this is a separate program that must be running for automated Future Order prep printing) program for printing prep tickets for orders dated in the future, the Promise Time slide bar changes slightly. A Future Order button is added to configure a delayed or future order.


Pressing the Future Order button displays the Future Order Date and Time screen. Here, the promised date and time are set. The Promise Date and Time is the date and time when the order should be ready to give to the customer.


The Preparation Start Time is the time to begin preparations so the order will be ready for the Promised Time and Date. Both are established using buttons that will display the ultimate settings for time and date of the respective prep and promised times.


There are several elements to consider here:

1.Future orders are orders that are placed to be prepared and delivered at a future time or date instead of prepared immediately for delivery and consumption.
2.A separate program called Order Monitor manages future orders and prints their tickets at the designated prep ticket print time.
3.Future orders cannot be printed if the Order Monitor is not running. (a warning is displayed on the main screen of Order Entry if the Order Monitor is not running)
4.Future Orders are taken in the same manner that regular orders are but the Future Order date and time are filled in by pressing the Promised Time box at the bottom of the ticket in Order Entry.

Order Monitor

This program runs separately from Point of Success Office Manager or Order Entry. It manages the future orders and online orders scheduled to be printed and prepared later.

Point of Success Order Monitor

Exit - Closes the monitor. WARNING - If the Order Monitor is not running, no future orders will be automatically printed. There will be no notification that orders are need to be printed.

Settings - This allows the user to establish the printers designated for each prep and box label printing station. These will be the same as the settings for the printers in the Workstation Setup under the Manager Console in Point of Success Office Manager.

Help - Displays the context-sensitive help for this window.

About - This displays the version number and copyright information for this program.

Start Monitor - This button starts the monitor so it can manage the future orders in the system. The monitor does not have to be started to receive orders, but it MUST be started in order to manage and print future orders.