Create or Edit Purchase Order

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Create or Edit Purchase Order

Purchase Order Number – Purchase orders start at 1 and are incremented automatically. Purchase order numbers are assigned by the system and cannot be changed.

Vendor – Select an existing vendor from the drop-down list or click the magnifying glass to the right of the Vendor field to create or edit a vendor.

Dates – Enter or select the order date and date expected.

Show only items for this vendor – Checking this box limits the inventory items available to order to only those to which this vendor is assigned.

Add/Edit Inventory item – Click this button to enter a new inventory item or to edit an existing inventory item without the need to go to the Inventory center.

Inventory Description – Select the item to order from this drop-down list.

Quantity Ordered – Enter the quantity of the ordered by unit specified when the inventory item was created. Inventory can be ordered and received by different units of measurement. Cheese, for example, can be ordered by the loaf and received by weight.

Cost – The last cost of this inventory item is automatically displayed. If the cost has changed since the item was last purchased, enter the current cost here.