Add or Edit Recipes

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Add or Edit Recipes

Name – Enter the name of this recipe. This is the name shown in the Inventory and Recipe center lists.

Product Code – This field links this recipe in Inventory with Point of Success POS sales. The product code list displayed for selection in Inventory comes from the Point of Success point of sale system. Sales of this product code in the Point of Success POS system will reduce inventory based on the recipe.

Recipe Category – Select a category for this recipe. Click the magnifying glass to the right of the field to add or edit a category.

Recipe Type – Select Standard if this is a recipe for a menu item that is sold through the POS system and prepared for the customer. Select Sub Recipe if this recipe is used as part of another standard recipe. An example of a sub recipe is a recipe for a dinner salad that is included as part of a recipe for a chicken dinner. Select Production if this is a recipe used for producing a component used in other recipes. An example of a production recipe is dinner rolls that are included with a chicken dinner.

Both sub recipes and production recipes are used to make part of another recipe. The difference between a sub recipe and a production recipe is this: a sub recipe is produced as it is sold while a production recipe is mass-converted from one inventory item to another.

Yield – This field is available when the Production recipe type is selected. Enter the quantity produced for one recipe. Next, select the unit of measure for the quantity entered.

Production Item – Select the inventory item produced by the production recipe.

Inventory items – Click the Add Item button to add a new ingredient line to the recipe. Drop down the Inventory Description list to select the inventory item. Enter the quantity of this item used in the recipe. If there is no weight-to-volume conversion for this item, the quantity entered is the amount of the recipe unit. If the inventory item has a weight-to-volume conversion, select the unit of measure in the drop-down list. Cost is automatically filled in from the last purchased cost of the item.

Using Sub Recipes – Click the Add Sub Recipe button to add a sub recipe to a standard recipe. A list of your sub recipes will display for selection. The ingredients for the sub-recipe are listed with the other recipe ingredients.

Menu Price – Enter the price for which the matching product in your POS system is sold. This price is used for calculation of cost and margin information.

Ideal Food Cost % - Enter your target food cost percentage. This percentage is used to calculate a recommended selling price based upon the cost of the recipe ingredients. This percentage can be set and automatically filled in by entering a percentage in the Program Defaults screen on the Tools center.

Notes and Preparation Instructions – Use this tab in the Recipe Entry window to specify preparation instructions for the recipe. These instructions along with the ingredients for the recipe are printed on the Recipe Card report found in the Reports center.