Step 1: Download

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Step 1: Download

PC and Mac Downloads


For PC and Mac software downloads, refer to the subscription email provided at the time the subscription started. It will contain links to the client software required to run on PC or Mac as well as administrator and company information which is used for initial setup. The two links will download installation files for the Point of Success Dashboard Client software and the Point of Success Dashboard Uploader software. These two programs will be necessary to successfully upload and see the data from each store.


Use the links to download the two installation files. No other Dashboard software is required on PC or Mac - these two are what run on the computer to upload and access data.


iOS Device Download and Installation


To access the Point of Success Dashboard software to run on an iOS device, use the App Store


Tap the "App Store" icon from the menu of your iPhone. The App Store icon is blue and contains the letter "A" surrounded by a circle.


Tap "Search" (the button with a magnifying glass on it) at the bottom of the screen


Type "Point of Success Dashboard" in the search field


Tap on the "Get" to complete your purchase. The app itself is free - access to data is with a paid subscription.


Wait for the application to finish downloading and installing on your iPhone.