Importing Sales Information

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Importing Sales Information

With your system setup with the recipe and inventory details, and once the initial count has been done, you will want to begin importing product sales from Point of Success on a daily basis.  Sales must be imported from the time and date AFTER an initial stock count has been performed.  If you import sales from before this time, it will give you incorrect stock levels.  Remember that inventory can only be as accurate on reporting stocking levels as you are by keeping it up-to-date.

Go to the Recipes center by clicking on the link at the top of your inventory window.  Next, select Import sales… from the menu on the left-hand side.  Select the start and end date range for your sales import.  Remember that only closed orders will be imported, and only on product codes that have matching recipes in Inventory.  If an attempt is made to import a product code and there is no matching recipe for it, Inventory will indicate this list in the bottom of the import window, which you can then print out.  If you have marked a product code as being excluded from inventory, the Inventory program will exclude those items.

After importing sales, if you have the program default set to update product costs when importing sales, another window will show to allow you to update your cost information in point of success, based on the calculated recipe cost from Inventory.