Import Sales

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Import Sales

Import Recipe Sales

To import sales from Point of Success, open Point of Success Office Manager and click Tools, Import recipe sales. Sales are imported from your Point of Success point of sale system in a batch. Importing today’s sales is not recommended until the day is closed because only closed orders will be imported.

When you tell Inventory to import sales the software performs these steps:

Orders falling in the business day range you specified are gathered. The import status is tracked for each order in Point of Success POS software. Once an order has been imported, it is never imported again.

Each menu item sold has its ingredient usage calculated through the item’s recipe.

Inventory is reduced for each stock item by day of usage. Usage is summarized by day so that inventory cost and valuation can be done by time period.

Point of Success product costs are updated if you have set the Inventory system to do so. This setting is found in Inventory > Tools > Program Defaults.

Point of Success POS products sold must be related to a recipe in Inventory to be imported. Inventory reduces on-hand stock through use of recipes. Inventory will warn you if there are POS products found during the import that are not assigned to a recipe.